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The World Most Intelligent Retreatporof.Who is Zihni Sinir?

It was created on January 30, 1977 by İrfan Sayar in the GırGır magazine.

He is a character who questions the relationship between people and things (-> technology).

It performs this query with its PROCEs.

Zihni Sinir uses the word "Proce" instead of "Project". Because  Proceler are projects that incorporate three elements such as Humor + Aesthetics + Functionality.

The proportions of these elements may be different in each process. Even though processes become objects, they retain these properties. Even if the functionality features come to the fore when they become objects, they are still humorous objects.

porof. Zihni Sinir has presented thousands of procedures related to every aspect of life so far. porof. Since Zihni Sinir uses humor more visually than verbally, it has the feature of being understood in the international arena.


It's an ironic nickname. It describes a relative situation. It depends on where you're looking.

Sometimes he goes so far with the solutions he finds that even though he puts other runners on a lap on the Olympic track, it seems as if he is coming from behind. Or you can consider going this far as an idiocy.

As a matter of fact, sometimes when you are expecting a very down-to-earth work, you can humiliate it as the Mental Nerve Process, or when you need creativity to change a very static and problematic structure, you can again approach Zihni Sinir, this time by seeing its intelligent side, in order to broaden your horizons.


He is a virtual character who realizes his researcher, creative and educational side with a humorous language. Hence the title "Porof." Stop.

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