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Who is İrfan Sayar?

While in the sophomore year of the academyOguz Aralmet with. He started drawing cartoons professionally in Gırgır magazine (1975).

By the wayporof. Nervouscreated the type(January 30, 1977). with five friendsGermHe published his magazine. Later onCucumberHe was in the management of the magazine. With Sarkis Paçacı and Ergün GündüzDream Products Officeestablish a company namedRR Picture NovelHe published his magazine. He worked on caricature-sculpture. Then again with his friendsHBR MonkeyHe worked as the founder and director of the magazine.

He opened an exhibition of 100 original cartoons. He started to produce three-dimensional pieces of inventions in his workshop in Arnavutköy. He launched the website He designed the bicycle, workshop and various electronic and mechanical devices of the main character of the movie Vizontele.

He moved his workshop in Arnavutköy to Lamartin Street in Taksim. In 2005, it was opened to its new place, which is a workshop, office and showroom.Porof Vecafepart added. He started Workshops for Institutions and Junior Students. He established the mass production workshop in 2008. 

TUBITAK4 years  Porof. He drew the Zihni Nervous page. He developed different projects for institutions.

He gave animation and robotics lessons as a lecturer at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Informatics.

Born in Manisa, İrfan Sayar started to produce his own toys by using materials such as mud and wood in the village when he went to the village with his parents, who were farmers, as a child, instead of the toys he could not take from the city. After a while he realized that he was not getting the pleasure of making real toys from his own making. This is how a story of creativity began.

After Manisa High SchoolFine Arts Academy High Decorative Arts DepartmentHe graduated from the Stage and Visual Arts Specialization Workshop.

"By transmitting Porof. Zihni Sinir's projects to us, İrfan Sayar has also undertaken a creative task that will go down in history."

Dogan Hizlan(Excerpt from Hürriyet Newspaper column.)

"The first of every job encounters great difficulties. This is the first time, especially in the field of art, the difficulties increase even more, it makes its creator very tired. But İrfan Sayar is one of the people I know.
He is an extremely patient person. If he hadn't been patient, he would have given up by now. Thank you Porof Zihni Sinir, thank you İrfan Sayar.
The important thing is to produce new processes, it's your duty in this society."
Semih Balcioglu(Excerpt from the book Cartoonist Scenes from My Hometown.)

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